Unusual Uses For Usual Wheelie Bins!

Handy Hints For Creative Wheelie Bin Uses

Hi Everyone!

Don’t judge a bin by its … well, ..by its usual occupation!

Here at Independent Bin Supplies, we are constantly coming across many different accounts of how our bins are used in different ways. Our customers come back and tell us some very surprising tales about the usefulness of our bins in very different applications. We have heard that our bins make great replacement feeding troughs for horses, and in some schools its even used as homes for worm farms!

So we thought we’d start collating some of these different applications and share them with you once in a while. Who knows, it might get you thinking of a different use for our bins that may come in handy!

Storing Outdoor Cushions and Sports Equipment

Our outdoor furniture and sometimes our sport equipment by the pool is taking a seasonal break! This is a great time to store them away in a nice secure, dry and clean space! Which is also easy to manoeuvre! Great for storing sports equipment too!

This particular wheelie bin pictured is a 660L bin, it has 4 wheels with 2 brakes and is fantastic for this time of year. You can store your outdoor squabs and cushions and wheel them around the back somewhere out of sight to keep clean and dry!

Share your unusual bin story with us!

If you have found a use for bins that is not rubbishy at all, we’d love to hear it! Better yet, send us a pic of your creative bin solution and we’d love to share it with the IBS network.

Again, from the team here at IBS, thank you for your ongoing support,

IBS Team

Ian, Jack and Riley