Insulated Bins

Insulated bins, also known as thermal or insulated containers, are containers designed to maintain the temperature of their contents. They are typically used to keep items cold or hot, depending on the requirements.

Here are a few key points about our insulated bins:

  1. Construction: Our Insulated bins are constructed using materials with high thermal resistance, have foam insulation are double-walled HDPE plastic. These materials help to minimize heat transfer between the inside and outside of the container.
  2. Temperature maintenance: Insulated bins work by reducing heat transfer through conduction, convection, and radiation. They prevent external heat from entering the container and keep internal heat from escaping.
  3. Cold storage: Insulated bins are commonly used for cold storage, especially for perishable items like food, beverages, or pharmaceuticals. They help maintain the cold chain during transportation or storage, ensuring that the items remain at the desired temperature.
  4. Hot storage: Insulated bins can also be used to keep items hot, such as catering food, soups, or beverages. They help preserve the temperature and quality of the contents until they are ready to be served.